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My name is Terri Meguiar and I want to say thank you for visiting my store today. I live in Michigan and have a husband, 3 older children, a dog and 2 cats. I am a devoted animal lover and have had animals my entire life. Sewing has also been a passion of mine since I was 12 years old whereas I used to make my own clothing for school, and as I got older, I made valances, curtains, and my children's costumes for different events including gymnastics, Halloween, choir, and prom. I also made the competition outfits for my daughters gymnastic team and made other gymnasts leotards on many occasions.

My inspiration for opening this store came about from my dog Katy Ann. Katy Ann is a diabetic atypical cushings diseased bichon schnauzer. Due to her disease and lack of muscle mass, she does not fit into store bought sweaters or coats, so I decided to custom make her a coat. Because I enjoyed making it and it turned out so well, I decided to make her a few other things including a larger pet bed shown in my store and a collar and a leash

Anyways, I realized how much I enjoy custom making pet accessories and I know there are many other parents of pets out there having the same difficulty as I did finding the right sized pet accessories for their pups. I would like to provide all parents of dogs and cats with more choice selections and custom sizing of products for their beloved pets. I do plan on making a variety of products that are unique to what big brand stores have to offer including designer collars, leashes, pet beds, bandanas, collar covers, pet apparel, and so much more.

I do hope you will come back to visit my store from time to time and browse as my site will continue to grow. If you have any suggestions on products which you would like to see in my store in the future, please feel free to contact me with the information. I am looking for new suggestions all the time.

You can also visit me on the following sites:

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Terri Meguiar

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